Scope of the offer
Design, manufacturing and management of the projects in the range of:
  • Construction of machines, production equipment and robotics systems
  • Production of automation and safety components
  • Construction of equipment and laboratory stands (measuring, control, diagnostic, etc.)
  • Industrial processes analyzing, production technology development
  • Design construction and numerical analysis
  • Manufacturing of steel constructions
Our offer focuses on three main areas of activity:
  • Performance of new machinery and equipment
  • Modernization, adaptation of existing workstations (Detail change, safety requirements, cycle change)
  • Line and machinery relocations within and between plants, maintenance and emergency service
Industrial machinery, equipment and robotics systems
Having experience in comprehensive services in the field of industrial automation and robotics we offer cooperation including:
  • Design and construction:
    • machine and production equipment
    • equipment and laboratory stands
  • Integration of:
    • processes based on PLC
    • robotic systems for new and existing solutions
  • Software development of industrial devices, visualization and safety systems
  • Modernization and adaptation of existing solutions to existing standards and regulations and optimization solutions and processes for safety, performance and quality
Own automation and safety components
Production of automation and safety components:
  • Enclosure & control panels (suspensions and adjustable arm, standing versions)
  • Boxes for defects (NOK) with dropping detection